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"Black Roses" by Jenn Brink.

  I grew up in the eighties. Movies about bombshells being hunted down by mob guys in slick tuxes and automatic weapons were on Tv every Sunday afternoon. By that time, I basked on the wisdom displayed by the heroines,  who would prevail without losing their femininity, even though everybody else would urge them to take on arms and man up!

  It was like being sucked by a time vortex,  reading "Black Roses", by Jenn Brink. Her heroine is very girlie and proud of it. She wears bubble gum shorts to go running and pouts whenever she is contradicted. What I like about her is a physical thing. She is not a blond woman. Recently I got into this habit of reading novels and,  so far,  I've been bombarded with blond heroes with large boobs and high self esteem! I am not sure about you,  readers,  but I wouldn't sign Heidy Montag as the girl who would come to save the world!

  The supporting characters are,  as expected,  well written clichés that ask to be loved, a lot more than the main character. There is a pinch of racial profiling there but not enough to hinder my liking of the story being told.
The "Handsome Savior" is a deliciously described character who owns a very controversial company and falls in love right out of the bat with Jesse.
He is clever, hot,  independent and damaged,  like every guy in this kind of novels. Jesse has a brother who is a womanizer and as good looking as the guy next door,  in every porn movie. Their relationship is the closest to what happens in real life,  but again,  who reads book for reliving real life?

  There is a scene,  in witch Jesse is on the phone with her best friend,  a man-eater girl who lives in NY. I remember laughing out loud reading it and reminiscing on the friendship I had back in my teenage years! Jesse is twenty eight,  though.
  Overall, it is a fun book to read. Great action, nice plot twists. 

I'd definitely recommend it,  if you,  like me,  enjoyed those eighties movies about girls being saved and shirtless guys who were in love with them,  for no reason!

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